If you prosecute, defend, or preside over DUI-DWI cases, our training courses are designed for you!   Our courses are designed to go beyond the typical CLE course to offer comprehensive information that will be useful in analyzing and litigating DUI Courses.  

Our courses, offered to prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges, will teach participants the skills, procedures, and techniques law enforcement officers use to determine whether these is sufficient probable cause to arrest an individual for DUI and DUI-Controlled Substances.  By understanding these procedures, the prosecutor can better evaluate the potential for successful prosecution of the subject.  The defense attorney can determine whether the officer potentially erred in the administration of the tests and, if so, whether such an error was significant enough to challenge whether the officer exercised sufficient probable cause to arrest the individual for DUI.

DUI Trainers and Consultants, LLC has developed several CLE Courses to teach attorneys and judges the skills necessary to appropriately evaluate cases to efficiently and fairly resolve DUI cases.  Our most important is the Three-day NHTSA SFST/ARIDE/DRE Program Overview Course. This course has been approved for MCLE credits in Pennsylvania (15.5 Credits) and West Virginia (19.8 Credits).  We are currently pending approval in New York, Ohio, and Virginia.


Whether you are prosecuting or defending a DUI-DWI case, you may find yourself needing an expert opinion.  Whether you need a little advice or a comprehensive vase evaluation, we can help.  We analyze your case and provide an opinion regarding the driver's performance and the officer's administration of SFST and ARIDE Techniques. For more information, click here.

F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
Owner/Lead Trainer