Consulting Expert Services

At DUI Trainers & Consultants, LLC, we offer expert advice and assistance to our clients.  Unlike traditional DUI experts who offer only a law enforcement or academic perspective, we go beyond the facts to offer assistance developing a comprehensive strategy built around an understanding of the entire case.  We offer our services to criminal defense attorneys, plaintiff's attorneys, and defense litigators. 

We've been there. We've done that.

We are retained as an “extension” of your firm to assist you in formulating strategy, reviewing documents, and other assistance in resolving the matter.  It is imperative that you not only understand how to ask questions or your own expert, you must also understand the protocols and science of DUI sufficiently to cross-examine the other party’s expert or lay witnesses.  We take the time to ensure you are sufficiently comfortable with the subject that you achieve the best possible outcome.

As a former prosecutor and defense attorney, I understand the complexities of trial better than many former police officers who offer their services as a testifying expert.  While these former officers are an outstanding resource on the stand, they lack the experience that comes only from trying hundreds of cases from arrest through trial.

Experience Matters

I began my law enforcement career in 1990.  I have practiced law for 11 years.  I have arrested, prosecuted, and defended thousands of people charged with DUI.  I am an SFST Instructor, and I have received advanced training in the ARIDE and DRE Protocol.  Not only have I learned how to use these tools, I have learned their strengths, weaknesses, and the best way to bring both to the negotiating table and the courtroom to benefit my clients.  Assisting me is a legal nurse consultant, a team of legal researchers, and academics constantly monitoring the courts across the United States to come up with the latest and best methods of identifying the tools to present or defend an impaired driving case.

You define our role

We begin with a preliminary case analysis.  We will give you an honest evaluation of the case and, if services are necessary, we will recommend a particular course of action.  You can be assured that our recommendation is backed by our combined knowledge, training, and experience in law enforcement, medicine, and the law.  You can also be assured that if we cannot assist you, our response will be honest.

Thereafter, we provide comprehensive services designed to achieve the best possible outcome.   For criminal cases, we can complete a comprehensive case evaluation.  Our additional services include developing questions for cross-examination.  In certain cases, we can provide assistance at a suppression hearing or trial.  In civil cases, we can provide assistance by reviewing written discovery, suggesting interrogatories, attendance at depositions, etc.

We know what it takes to win

We are able to assess the adversary experts’ methodologies.  We can help you develop areas of attack that can be the difference between winning and losing a case.  We recognize that you may be very skilled at identifying the logical flaws, errors of omission, and unfounded inferences that plague many an expert’s analysis.  However, having a consulting expert dig into the literature and/or serve as a sounding board for lawyer-based “scientific” arguments helps ensure those potential arguments are carefully vetted to be effective.

Medical Experience

We go beyond the police report to find the story between the lines.  For cases involving death or serious bodily injury, our Legal Nurse Consultant can review medical and toxicology reports to determine an appropriate strategy going forward.  We can help you determine which course of action to take.

When the time comes to hire a testifying expert, you can be assured we will properly select the right testifying expert to ensure the best possible result.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
DUI Trainers & Consultants, LLC