What is a DUI Consultant?  

Simply put, I am an attorney who has the specialized DUI knowledge and experience to serve as either an advisor or as an expert witness.  In either role, my role is to streamline your approach to DUI defense to achieve the best possible outcome for your client.  

My name is Dean Morgan.  As a DUI Consultant, I bring the following knowledge, training, and experience to support your efforts:
  • Former Police Officer / DUI Officer
  • Ten years of experience as a practicing attorney
  • Four years of experience in prosecutor’s offices
oDrafted briefs on behalf of Commonwealth establishing precedent following 2004 enactment of 75 Pa.C.S.A. 3802.
  • Over 900 DUI clients defended as a DUI Defense Attorney
  • SFST Instructor Certification
  • SFST Practitioner Certification
  • ARIDE Training
  • DRE Training
  • Access to and intensive study of all studies supporting NHTSA SFST, ARIDE, and DRE Courses
  • Access to and intensive study of all cases involving DUI Defense.

My experience as a DUI Defense attorney. having represented over 900 people, gives me an advantage over other experts you may consider.  First and foremost, I have been where you are: 

  • I have had to hold the hand of the client who questions everything (either before, during, or after representation). 
-My favorites being those who wonder why they paid so much because they had an “easy case" that I won
  • I have been there trying to explain to a client why it was necessary to spend the money for an expert while defending myself against questions as to why he/she hired me if I didn’t know what I was doing.  
- “Because an expert can offer admissible testimony”
-  seems like a difficult concept to someone whose legal education consists of 10 years of watching Law and Order.
  • I have been there in the courtroom conducting a top-notch cross-examination for 90 minutes trying to coax an unwilling and defensive police officer to tell the jury the story I wanted him to tell (the one that is truthful, but would kill his case)
  • I have been in the courtroom with a winning defense only to have the judge in a bench trial take it away for some reason or NO reason. 
-  Were we watching the same video...  The one where my client drove 2.5 miles and never crossed the line? 
-  Explaining that an appeal will prove you to be right is no consolation to the client who must now pay even more money.  
  • I have been in the meeting explaining that there is nothing that can be done only to hear the client say “but my friend who had the exact same case did not lose his license.”  
- It is never the “exact same case”
  • And I have also been there, many years ago, with just two days to go before a suppression hearing trying to learn everything I could about a complex subject of SFST and ARIDE while also balancing new client consultations, current client questions, and other court appearances.
  • You’ve got theft, drugs, violent crimes on your mind and now you have to figure out how to explain to the judge that the Officer could not have conducted HGN properly because he only made two passes and he alleges there was no lack of smooth pursuit, but somehow nystagmus showed up before 45 degrees. 
-  When you understand HGN, you will know why that does not make sense.

The American Bar Association has determined that DUI Defense is a separate specialized practice area.  At Morgan DUI Consultants, LLC, my team and I understand that DUI Defense is different than traditional criminal defense.  For the last seven years, I have limited my practice exclusively to DUI Defense.

During that time, I successfully negotiated and litigated positive results for my clients.  Included in my Curriculum Vitae, are my results over the last couple of years.   During this time, I also found myself being sought after by my colleagues for advice.  Advice that I gave freely.  However, the requests become more frequent and more complex.  I was literally giving away my knowledge.

In 2016-2017 I decided to leave the full-time practice of law.  I opened Morgan DUI Consultants, LLC to assist attorneys in Pennsylvania as well as throughout the nation.  Together, we can more effectively represent defendants and achieve better results.

There are many former police officers who now ply their trade as an expert. The difference between my services and theirs is this:  I have been in your shoes.  I can answer questions you have not thought to ask.

I offer the following:
  • A cost-efficient answer to the question: “Should I hire an expert?”
  • An experienced DUI Practitioner to consult with forEVERY DUI Case.
  • A resource for answers regarding trial strategy and negotiations.
  • Interpretation and Evaluation of SFST, ARIDE, and DRE as they relate to your clients.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the studies underlying SFSTs. 
  • Someone to tell the jury that the “science” of SFST is not science.
  • Someone to tell the jury, through admissible evidence, the things you, as the attorney, may know, but cannot directly communicate through admissible evidence. “Tell them what I can’t.”

Building upon the foundation, I created Morgan DUI Consultants, LLC.   I invite you to look around and give us the opportunity to help you.

F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
Owner/Lead Consultant